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[Fanfic] Tea for Two (chapter 4)
A/N: Sorry guys for just update >< i've been lack with the idea and lazyness and brain error for being amnesia. well, the last chap will update really soon (i'm trying my best, really) and.. hope u guys still want to read it. many thanks :) love you...


Hyoae, Dongsoo and Jaejoong who found the mysterious clues, were searching for the third clue. They already found it at Heechul's shop, a famous artist in that town but just then..... Jaejoong disappeared.

End of flashback

"Shit, I can't reach him. It's been the 3rd time already!" Hyoae cursed, snapped off her phone back to her pocket after trying to call Jaejoong who is still missing. Dongsoo just sighed.

"Hm.. well.. where should we search him?" She said ,rubbing her chin and staying quiet as her brain is in business.

"I'm not going to search for him." Hyoae said in scary tone. Dongsoo looked at her, blinking.


"Of course not. Aishh.. I'm sick with this kind of thing."

"Okay, okay.."

"Huh, let's just open this box. He's the one to blame. We'll call him later." Hyoae said. Dongsoo just could nodded and then both of them opened that box in Hyoae's hand.

"What is... ehh?" as the cover was being pulled up, they could see a white not-so-big cup inside the box.

"A.. cup?" Hyoae blinked, looking at Dongsoo in front of her. "What does it mean? Is it..the clue?"

"But look, i see a paper there..~" Dongsoo pulled up a piece of paper, Hyoae rolled her eyes.

"Hm.. let's see..." Dongsoo said, opening the paper and reading it to Hyoae.
'~Bring me to a place.. Where you can find the couple of mine. Then you are finally done...'

"Aigoo.. another clue.." Hyoae sighed, tired because of this never ending clues.

"But.. look at this." Pointed Hyoae to the inside of the cup, where she found some words in it. Dongsoo looked at the way Hyoae pointed and she could see the words too. " 'Be Happy' ?"

"What a cute~ It's not just any usual cup eh?"

"Yeah, I think...."

"Hey, I want to go there again next time" A voice came up and cutted Hyoae's words. She looked at the source and saw two girls walked up towards Heechul's shop. The girl next to the first one who's wearing a scarf giggled, and continuing her talk.

"Nae~ that shop is so cool and they have those cute cups, I like it. Count me in~"

"Araseo~!" then both of them chuckled and before they entered the shop.

"What's wrong?" Dongsoo asked to Hyoae who's looking at those girls in confuse. Hyoae was staring at them all the way.

"Uh.." Hyoae answered simply to Dongsoo and looked back again to the cups. "Don't you think... They talking about this cup?" Again she ask Dongsoo.

"Na uh" Dongsoo shrugged again as she answered.

"Let's go..." Hyoae pulled Dongsoo arm and ran back to Heechul's shop.

"What are you doing?" Dongsoo asked.

"Wait." Hyoae answered as both of them entered the shop.

"Oh, welcome.. eh? Hyoae, Soo? What's up again?" Heechul who greeted all the visitors suprised saw Hyoae and Dongsoo again, after Hyoae went back looking for Jaejoong. "IHave your found Jaejoong?"

"Huh... Ani.." Hyoae were still searching the girls but just then she turned to Heechul.

"Uh yes?" Heechul asked.

"Do you know a place, cafe or restaurant or whatever it is where I could find this?" Hyoae showed him the cup from the box and Heechul nodded. Hyoae and Dongsoo ask at same time.


Heechul just chuckled. "Oh guys~ don't have to rush like that~ You haven't know bout the new cafe there near the bookstore,have you?.."


"Yup~ i have been there and.. hm~ pretty nice and you guys don't...Eh girls~" before Heechul could finish his line, Hyoae pulled Dongsoo out and went to the cafe. "What a rush.."


Someone's pov

Sitting on the one of the simple white chair, I put my hands on the table and layed my chin on it, exhaling the carbonoxide in boredness.

"Oh Jae, why do you keep sitting there? Come up and help us!" oh that petite girl~ couldn't she just let me sit here? I'm a bit tired after helping the girls with those fucking clues. Geez.

"Can't you just let me sit here? I'm tired." I said, whining and showed her my oh-so-cute pout who everyone can't resist. (:3 nyahaha~ sorry reader~)

"Oh come...-"

"Just let him be. He already helped us anyway." Someone popped out behind her and talked to her, 'yeahh~ i' win~' I smiled in victory while she pouted.

"Khekhe..~ *peace sign*"

"Uhh... I wonder where they are right now." She ended....

End pov


"You...sure? Memoir du Cafe?"

Panting, drenched in sweat, and watched by the people, they're standing in front of the new cafe which was like what Heechul said.

"I curse you.. Come on, Soo..Let's go in.." Hyoae pulled the handle glass door and came in with Dongsoo following behind her. The smell of baked croissants and the perfection of coffee and caramel fill the room as they walked and saw the cafe full with the visitor. Frowning, Hyoae and Dongsoo walked passed them and looked around, walked passed the stairs that direct to upstairs, the bar next to the stairs which filled with the visitor that are ordering. And when they were looking around, someone stood right in front of them, Hyoae noticed it and turned to him. She saw that guy smiled at them, he wore a cute white apron and a black t-shirt.

"Welcome to our cafe. May I help you?" He spoke to them with a soft tone. Hyoae and Dongsoo looked at each other, Hyoae opened her mouth to talk but before she could, the waitress spoke again. "Oh... maybe is there any.." The waitress made a square shape with his hand.

"Eh...?" Hyoae frowned in confusion. Then Soo tapped her shoulder and said. "Oh, give him the paper, Hyo.." and the waitress smiled.

"For what?" Hyoae more confused as she gave the waitress that paper they got. She really didn't understand, for what?

The waitress received it and checked it before he nodded and smiled to them again as spoke.

"Okay then, this way please.." He moved aside showed them the way and he guide Hyoae and Dongsoo to the direction, as they followed him and leaving the crowded cafe behind to a big glass windows that's closed by a big curtain.

"Where is he taking us?" whispered Hyoae to Soo who's walking next to her.

"I don't know either.. Just follow him." she replied back and pushed Hyoae to move forward. Till they reached the double big glass door.

The waitress moved and held the handle and turned to them, but he didnt' open it just smiled and turned to Hyoae as said. "Are you ready?"

'Ready? For what??' Hyoae said in her mind, her eyebrows twitched more and she turned to Dongsoo, with her faces like asking for a help. She saw Hyoae and just smiled to her, and made Hyoae more confused.

"What?" Hyoae said whispering and she could even feel her heart beating faster than before.

But Hyoae just didnt know why.

"I guess you should close your eyes, Hyoae ,if I were you." Soo whispered to her ear and Hyoae shut her eyes immediately and again she was clueless with it. After waiting for a long time, Hyoae assumed it like that, she could heard a sound of cracking and she knew that the door has been pushed open.

Soon, she felt a warm sense breezing through her body and a slight wind passing her. The felling of the aura was great, made her feel relieved before she moved her legs and walked out, just hoping it could finish as she felt her heart thumping even more faster like there's no tomorrow.

After moving her foot for some step she stopped, she opened her eyes slowly and slowly... then fully open as her jaw dropped to the ground, mesmerized.

>> TBC.

beta-ed by dongsoo_5137

> sorry for any grammar spell and for long chappie >< <

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first~~~ moar moar moar...
hehe.. congrats on finishing this chap bb..
*thumbs up* will be waiting for the next~

another cliffhanger, and i will marry you with HEECHUL! ><
keep searching for ideas to update the final chapter :)

nyahahaha~ tx u, Soo, Hyo~ :* XDv ahhh!! dont marry me with Heechul, Hyo~! DDDX i'll gonna search for any ideas and update moaaar soon !~ huehe ><v tx once again~ :3 wait me up, guys~

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