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Self-Destruction Post
I don't know how to make a title. I'm not good at it.

Here's another post about how stressful my mind could be that at some point.. I really stress about it. I just watched Star Trek a few days ago, and it reminds me again how I admire Chris Pine and Zachary and now I'm really mad about them. I couldn't get my mind away from them. Only could for hours, but they keep coming back.

I could manage my mind by sort them into my another goal but here's a another news to beat me that reality is sucks and.. I'm afraid that I can't make my dreams come true. USA is really far away and I have to work my ass off to could make my dreams come true. But another reality that hit me hard is that.. I have limits. That I'm afraid they will not let me get my goals.

It's really stressing. But I could aside that. But I'm living with their image haunting me. It's like I get another post-concert sickness. The last time I got this kind of feeling was after I watched Sehun a few months ago. And I felt restless, cried for two days until I could calm my mind. And now.. it really takes a long time to calm my mind.

I'm working with and at everything that I could to get at least see them without go to USA. And.. I'm just praying hard that this will be my luck.


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