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[Fanfic] Tea for Two (chapter 4)
A/N: Sorry guys for just update >< i've been lack with the idea and lazyness and brain error for being amnesia. well, the last chap will update really soon (i'm trying my best, really) and.. hope u guys still want to read it. many thanks :) love you...

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Writer's Block: Long ago and far away
Do you wish you had grown up in another time and/or place? if so, when, where, and why?

Korea. so i can see you easily rather than here.

Writer's Block: Invisibility cloak
If you could be invisible for a day, where would you go and what would you do? Do you think you might be upset by what you discovered?

if i could... i will go whenever i want to go.. and especially to their place.
upset? with what just i get, i think not. or maybe... just see the condition first.

[Fanfic] Tea for Two (chapter 3)
"I-i.. can't believe it..."

They're at the cafe, sat together after back from the library with the box in front of them. The box was still closed with the same condition as they first took it from the librarian. They haven't open it yet.

"But it's the truth" said Dongsoo.

"Why not we open it? Maybe... there's another.. clue?" suggested Jaejoong and soon followed with Dongsoo's nodded.

Hyoae just let out a sighed seeing her friends.

"Okay, let's open it." She finally said as they leaned closer to the box and Hyoae opened the box slowly.

That brown box was not really big. Inside the box, there're a small golden key with a roll of paper and a pic. They looked at each other before Hyoae took the key and Jaejoong took the paper out.

"What is...." Hyoae looked at the key. That key was the unique one with the curve, and the other side, Jaejoong opened the paper and looked in it.

"Hey, guys, look at this." Jae gave them the paper so they could looked at it. In that paper that was much numbers and some words made ".. Yobo..seyo.." sentence.

"That numbers is the clue I guess" said Jaejoong as he rubbed his chin and again... learned glare from Dongsoo.

"O-okay, any idea?"

"Er..." while they were thinking, something ringing and after searched for tahat voice, they finally found it. That's Jae's phone. He looked at his phone then he put it in on the table.

"Sorry for disturb."

"It's o..-" Hyoae didnt finished her words she stared at the phone then back to the paper.

"Ah! Let me see.." Dongsoo took the paper from Hyoae. Hyoae just could blinked.

"What, Soo?" Jae asked in confused looking at them.

"Well, I guess I know what's the mean of all this clue." Dongsoo said. Hyoae and Jae looked at each othere before they said in unison.


"Look..." Dongsoo pointed at the one of the number, "There're some number, around 7 or 8 and there's a dot between them. Rite?" Jae and Hyoae nod together in agreement. Then she continued.

"And, you can see, there's a thing which couldnt include as a number. It's a '#' sign and '*' sign rite? Now, where we could see this kind of clue?" Dongsoo asked back. Jaejoong frowned hard while he was thinking. Then, Hyoae snapped her finger.

"You're rite, Soo! It's at our phone rite?"

"Yup, exactly!"

"But... how...?" Jaejoong blinked confusely.

"This... Let's see the numbers before the dot one. There're 14769*."

"Should we write it on the phone?" Jae asked.

"Hmm..." Dongsoo held her chin and she took Jae's phone.

"I've known this kind of thing." She examined. "But i forgot it. And.. ahh.. rite!"

"What, Dongsoo? You make me moooree curious." Jae said frustately and unpatiently.

"Wait, Jae. Now look.."

Dongsoo took her rucksack up and opened it. She took a piece of paper on it and a pen. Then she wrote down a numbers like we used to see on the phone. 1, 4, 7 wite to down, 2, 3 next to number 1 and the rest.

"And... let's track it. 1..4..7.."

On it, she draw a line on the numbers from 1, and down to 4 and 7. Then she back to number 1 and again she wrote the line cross to number 6 and down to 9. Then crossed again to * and up again to 7. and connected it with a line on 7.


Now, both of Jae and Hyoae could see the clue like what Dongsoo meant. They could see a "D" word on the numbers.
(if you can't understand what i mean, this is the pic)


Hyoae widened her eyes while Jae's jaw dropped to the ground.

"Let's start again! Another clue??" said Jae excitedly. So, three of them were trying to found the hidden clue. 5 minutes later, they weere finished and finally they could saw the hidden clue and it made a "DRAW" senteces.

"YES! But... Draw, what is this mean?" said Jae.

"Maybe... we should find the place like the old clue?"

"Yeah, I guess so..." Dongsoo said.

"But, where's the place mean? Draw... ahh.. Oh! maybe Uncle's Chullie shop?" Hyoae said, Chullie, aka Heechul (hiiih, intermezzo sorry) is an Artist who's famous in their town with his draw and his shop.

"Ah! Yeah! Thats right! Let's go to his place!" as Dongsoo said, they packed they're thingy and ran immediately to Chul's shop and after an half of hour for finding the next clue or something new related with that, they walked back from Chul's shop.

"I'm getting sick with this fucking thingy!" Hyoae yelled loudly made people around them looked her.

"Shh! Now lets open it. By the way, Jae? ...Jae?" Dongsoo looked at her back, searched him but she couldnt found Jae.

"Where's Jae?" Dongsoo asked to Hyoae. Hyoae looked at him, frowned and started to searched for him. She walked back to the shop but couldnt find him.

"Oh, great... Now, Jae's dissapear..."

>> TBC

Tea for Two (chapter 2)
"Soo!! Look?! Where damn is she right now?!" Hyoae yelled in frustation to Dongsoo. It's already break period and Raewoo hasn't come yet. They're gathered at cafetaria.

Dongsoo shocked hearing Hyoae's yell.
"Honey.. what's wrong? Why did you yell at Soo like that?" Yunho who was sat next to Hyoae asked her in soft tone.

"It's Raewoo, Yun..-"
"What's wrong with her?" Asked Jaejoong cutting Hyoae's word. Jaejoong is Yunho's bestfriend, who sit next to Dongsoo.
Hyoae shook her head, lowered her head.
"I don't know, she didn't come till now.."

"Maybe she absent today." Said Dongsoo's brother, Jinki, trying to calm her sister's friend.
"I don't know, she didn't tell me anything. She even didn't reply my message." Hyoae said.
"Be patient hun.. maybe she didn't have time to tell us that she's absent." Said Yunho smiling sweetly to his lover.

"I-i don't know, aigoo~ did Changmin come?" Hyoae asked looked at Jinki.
"Yeah he did. But he, you know..." Jinki didn't finished the complete words for her, but Hyoae knew what was mean.
Changmin was the president of student council, and he's way too busy.

Hyoae just humming loudly.
Yunho looked at his girlfriend and smiled,as he caressed her hair. Hyoae just smiled at him.

"Oh by the way, where's Hyunnie?" Hyoae looked at all of them. There're Jinki, Jaejoong, Dongsoo, Minho -Dongsoo's bestfriend- and Nichkhun sitting around her.
But she didn't spot Jonghyun appeareance.

"Oh, he's sick, he-"
"What?! Sick?!" Hyoae widened her eyes, disbelieve. Cutting Jinki's words made he shocked.

"Hyoae..." Yunho said holding her arm.
"B-but-" She tried to talked but Jinki talked first.
"He's fine, Hyoae. He just couldn't talk with you. So he just confirm me, that he's absent today."

Again, Hyoae sighed and her lips curved into a pout. Yunho chuckled looking at her.
"It's okay, Hyoae.. Oh i'm hungry, let's buy some food." Yunho stood up and holding her arm.

"But, i din't-"
"Oh come on~" He pout, showing his-best-cute pout and succesfully made she couldn't resist it except give up on him.
"Okay,okay.." Then she stood up and walked with the cheerful Yunho beside.


~After school(oh nooo~~ Dx *intermezzo*)~

Hyoae walked out from the class with Dongsoo beside. Hyoae's really tired with so damn many homework the teacher give.

Soon as they reached the front door, where the others there waited them finished, Hyoae's phone vibrate. She took from her pocket and looked through the screen as it showed 'One message'. She opened the message and read it who sent by her bunny.

Honey, i'm really sorry that i couldn't get you home. I'm in hurry coz there's something i must do. You can go home with Dongsoo,right? Pardon me, i'll reply it next time.
Love you~ <3

Hyoae sighed, she put back her phone to her pocket.
"What's wrong?" Dongsoo saw Hyoae's sighing.
"Yunnie couldn't get me home coz there's something he must do. And he told me to go home with you."
Dongsoo smiled widely, she liked it whenever her friends come home with her.

"Guys, we're going first. Bye~!" Minho said waving with Nichkhun and Jinki walked toward Minho's car. Dongsoo and the rest reply waved to them.

"Where's Jinki going?" Hyoae asked to Dongsoo.
"Minho's, as usual." Dongsoo said. Then he turned to Jaejoong beside her. "Oh Jae, aren't home yet?"
"Yeah, my driver doesn't come yet. Bet me, traffic jam." Jaejoong said sighing. Then he lifted his head and blinked to them, who just blink like him back in confused.

"What's wrong?" Hyoae asked.
"Damn, my notes is still in my class. Can you accompany me there?" Jaejoong asked and they nodding their head and walked to Jaejoong and Yunho's class on the 3rd floor.

Once they arrived, Jaejoong walked towards the table on the second row near the windows. Hyoae frowned cause he usually sit with Yunho on the last second row seat.

"Jae, don't you usually sit with Yunho on the last row seat there, do you?" She pointed the seat where Yunho and Jaejoong always sit. Jaejoong lifted her hand and looked at where she pointed.

"Oh, yeah, but today i sat with Eeteuk here, and Yunnie with Kangin there." Jaejoong answered and back searching again.

"Er.. Hyoae, can you help me to find my book? If i remember, Yunnie's was borrowed from me before the bell rang." Jaejoong asked looking at her. Hyoae who was standing with Dongsoo on the door smiling and nodded, then walked towards Kangin and Yunho table.

She bent down and looking at the locker table. She reached out her hand and searching for it before found the green one. While she took it out, a slice of paper fell down to the floor and took her attention. She frowned then pick it before stood up.

"It's yours? The green's one?" Hyoae showed the book to Jaejoong. Jaejoong looked up at him and nodded.
"Yeah, thank you" He said as he walked towards her.
"Your welcome." Hyoae said but her eyes didn't off from the paper.

"Eh, what's that?" Jaejoong looking at the paper she held.
"I don't know. I just found it on the locker. It's yours too?" She asked but Jaejoong just shooking his head.

"There's no note about the belonging?" asked Jaejoong. Hyoae turned the paper around, searching for any sign of the belonging but she didn't find anything.

"No." She shooking her head. "But.."
"But, what?" Jaejoong waited her for answered. He looked her raised her eyebrow as she read the note.

"It's weird..." Finally she spoke as she lifted her head and looked at him.
"Y-yeah. Look.." She said,showing him the note.
Jaejoong looked as he read the note.

~Pass a time pass a light
If you wanna know where're your friends, solve my clue and find a key to another clue
First, show me of your imagination
Think bout where you can found a place.
A place for they're who never tired to catch the highest.
For you who want to get an A~

After read, Jaejoong lifted his head and both of them stared each other. Who the hell was wrote that note? Both of them didn't know if Yunho who wrote that note or not.

"Is that, Yun..."
"I think he didn't.." Jaejoong who knew the question bout answered it immediately. They know that Yunho won't ever write such kind of this note.

"What's wrong guys?" Dongsoo, who stood on the door from the first, curious bout what they're talking bout. She walked towards them and took the paper from Jaejoong.

"What's this?" Dongsoo asked.
"I don't know. I found it on Yunho's locker table." Hyoae answered.

Dongsoo read the note. Her eyebrow twitched as her eyes following the note. And she mumble something.

"'If you wanna know where're your friends'.. what kind of note is this?" Dongsoo asked. "It's Yunho's?"
"I guess not. Why he write this? How if someone read it and believe that her/him friend is in trouble?" Hyoae's eyebrow raise up as she confused why someone could wrote such kind of that notes.

Jaejoong lifted his head and looked at Hyoae. He realised something hearing Hyoae's words.
"Wait, how, if..?" Jaejoong repeated her words.

Hyoae nodded. "Yeah, how if... someone believe it? What? Is that something.."
"Yeah, how if that note was dedicated for someone?" Jaejoong took the note from Dongsoo and again, he read it from the first till the end.

"What are you talking bout,Jae?" Jaejoong didn't reply Dongsoo's, he kept read it again and again.

"You mean.. that note it's not just a joke? Or something like that?" Hyoae couldn't belive it, that note was not a joke for a real.

"Yeah, like that. You didn't get it?" Jaejoong asked both of them and they both stared at each other before shook thier head unision.

Jaejoong gave the paper back. They took it and looked at him questioningly.

"Try again, read it once again and tell me." Jaejoong ordered as they obey him.

"But why?"
Jaejoong rubbed his chin. He was thinking.
"Yeah, we have to solve such kind of that clue right?"

"But we don't know, for who?" Dongsoo asked.
"Yeah,but didn't you guys think, why the written put the note on Yunho's table?"

Once again, Dongsoo and Hyoae looking at each other before looked back at Jaejoong.

"For.. Yunnie? To solve it?" Hyoae said disbelieved.
Jaejoong shrugged. He didn't know too if that was for Yunho or not.

"Perhaps. If that right, why not we solve it? Yunho's already back home right? And Yunho's friends are we friends too." Dongsoo right. Hyoae and Jaejoong nodded in agreement.

"Okay, let's solve the clue." Both of Hyoae and Dongsoo got closer to Jaejoong. They gathered in a table.

"First, 'show me off your imagination'" They rubbed their chin unision as they thinking.

"Imagination.." Jaejoong repeat. "I think we should use our imagination.."

Dongsoo and Hyoae looked at him.
"W-what?" Jaejoong stuttering looking at them.
"I think you right.. but.." Hyoae took the paper again.

"A place.. to catch the highest..? what's that mean.." She said in her mind.

"The highest..?"
Than jaejoog snapped his finger.
"Ah...! Maybe 'Knowlegde'!?" Jaejoong shouted with a bright smile on his face and finger pointing at them.
Hyoae looked at him in shocked and back to the paper.
But Dongsoo talked.

"Knowledge? What..? What do you mean by?"
Jaejoong held in whatever-he's-doing. He bright smile turned to foolish smile.

"Oh.. maybe.. because of this! This 'A'! Score A" Hyoae smiled happily, but both of Dongsoo and Jaejoong frowned, they haven't understand it yet.

Jaejoong and Dongsoo looked at her. Hyoae showed them the paper.

"You know, A. Score A." Hyoae said and Dongsoo nodded.
"Na-uh~ that's what i mean." Jaejoong said proudly but learned a glared from Dongsoo.

"Hm.. S-so..." Jaejoong said nervously trying to get the attention back to the paper.
"So, this clue is showing us a place. To get the knowledge-like what Jae said- and an A score."
"And.. the place is..."

"LIBRARY!" They said together.

"Okay,let's go to..-"
"Wait... but which library?" Jaejoong said cutting Hyoae's words.
"Hmm..why not we try to our school library? I think the suspected didn't put the key too far." Dongsoo sugessted.
And they nodded in agree before they ran to the library.


Once they arrived at the library, they opened the door harshly and made the librarian shocked looked at them.

"What the..."
"Hah..I'm sorry... maam.." Jaejoong said panting.
"Okay", calm yourself first. Sit there, and remember don't make me shocked again. You know, i'm not young anymore.." The librarian said as they took the seat and calm theirself before talked.

"Sorry maam, but we're here to find a.. something." Dongsoo said first.
"Something..?" The librarian frowned as she didn't understand.
"She means, is there anyone who give you something? A box or.."
"Ohh.. well yeah, actually there's someone who gave me a box. He said his friend will take it soon. Is that mean, you?" She said pointing at them. They looked at each other.

"I guess so.." Dongsoo said.
"Oke, wait a sec, i'll take it to you" Then she walked to another table behind before back with a brown box in her hand.

"Oh there's a note here. To... S.H.A"

Hyoae widen her eyes in shock. It was her initial name. She looked at Dongsoo and Jaejoong in disbelieve.

"It's yours?" The librarian asked again.
Hyoae nodded slowly.
"Here.." The librarian smiled and gave the box to her. She took it slowly.

"T-thank you maam" She said with a bow.
"Your welcome" Then three of them walked out from the library.


such a long chappie eh~?

Tea For Two - Chapter 1
Here's the first chapter.

Hope you enjoy~


Looking at herself through the mirror, Song Hyoae tied up her clothes. 'Perfect' she said in her mind as she walked to her desk for her bag. She sighing, another day for her in her life for going to school. But just then her smile crept in her face, as she saw the calender in front of her. Then she walked downstairs with smile crept in her face.

"Moning." Greeted her to her parents on the kitchen.

"Morning." Replied them together. Hyoae took a seat beside them and ate her breakfast.

"Hyoae, we're going to Japan today for two days. Is it alright if we leave you alone here?" Said her mom. Hyoae just nodded as she put the jam in her bread.

"If you need something, just call me or call your aunt. Ok?"
"Don't worry mom. I'll be fine." She said assuring her mom.

Minute later the bell rang. Hyoae smiled widely and she stood up.
"Mom, i'm leaving ok? Have a nice day." Said Hyoae as she gave her mom cheeks and her dad peck before walked to the door.

Opening the door, she looked at the guy who standing facing his back to her. Hearing the opening door, the guy turning around and smiling sweetly to her. Hyoae smile widely. She ran and jumped to his hug. The guy hugged her back.

"Morning hun." The guy, Jung Yunho said as he pulled away and kissed Hyoae's cheek. Hyoae giggled.
"Morning too." She replied.
"Come on." Yunho said as they walked to Yunho's car with hand in hand.

"How's your sleep?" He asked as he opened the door for her.
"Hm.. pretty well." She said. And Yunho walked to other side to get in.
"Really? Hmm well, i think you'll have a nice day today." He said as he smiled and started drove to school.


"Bye yun. We meet again later." Waved Hyoae to Yunho as she ran to her class. As she entered, she looking around and she smiled as she walked towards a girl, who sit in the back on the last second chair under the window. She called her.

The girl who called by her, Song Dongsoo,lifted her head and seeing her friend she smiling to her.
"Morning." She replied.

"Wow, you came earlier today." Hyoae said as she took a seat beside her.
"Why? Is that weird? Haha, i'm not your 'another friend' who always come late." She said emphazing the word.
Hyoae laughed at her statement.
"Yah yah, our friend."

They were talking bout their friend, Gwon Raewoo. They 3 had already being a friend since they're in JHS till now.

"I think.. she'll be late again." Said Dongsoo closing the book which was read by her.
"I don't know. Sometime she come late, sometime she come in the time." Hyoae said as she shook her head.
"Unexpected, right?" Dongsoo sighing loudly. Hyoae just chuckling.

"Oh by the way, where's your hubby?" Asked Dongsoo. Hyoae turned her head and looked at Dongsoo with frown.

"Hm.. i don't know. On his class maybe. Why?" Asked Hyoae back.
"Oh, nothing." Said Dongsoo. She took out her phone and press a button.
"Wanna call Raewoo?" Asked Hyoae looking at her.
"Ani. I guess she will come in a minute." Said Dongsoo as she kept pressing.

Hyoae just nodded simply as she turned. She looking around as the class were getting full with the student now. Then something popped in her mind.
"Oh, I remember, Raewoo's cafe are going to open today, right?" Hyoae asked.
"Oh yeah you right! Ah~ it'll be sooo.. fun having own cafe." Dongsoo said with dreaming eyes.

3 months ago Raewoo told them that she, her brother Changmin and her cousin Kibum're going to open their new own cafe. Raewoo was very excited with it. She had already wait it for so long.
Hyoae chuckled hearing her friend.
"Don't worry, we will having our new cafe soon." said Hyoae.

"By the way, what's the cafe's name?" asked Hyoae.
"Na huh~.. i forgot it. hehe." Answered Dongsoo with shyly smile. Hyoae just shook her head.
Then minutes later their teacher coming in.

"Ha!? I'm right! Raewoo come late again!" Dongsoo said in victory.
"Omo.. Changmin ah~! How could you have a different character's sister with you?" Said Hyoae shaking her head.
"Totally different." Said Dongsoo adding Hyoae's statement. Then they 2 laughed.

"Hey you 2! Quiet! If you still want playing, go out! Not here! I can't start my lesson, if you keep talking!" The teacher shout at them and both of them definitely stop for whatever they're doing. Hyoae and Dongsoo just hanging their head down.

"Actually, i never want hearing your lesson, sir." Dongsoo murmured angrily. Hyoae just shaking her head.

30 minutes so later, Raewoo haven't show her appereance to them yet. Hyoae who was searching for her, looking at her watches worriedly. Raewoo never come this late before.

"Soo? Why Raewoo haven't come yet?" Hyoae turned to Dongsoo as asked at her.
"Hm? I don't know." She answered simply as still focus on the board.
"Did she told you that she absent today?" Hyoae asked her again as glanced at the door, hope sometimes Raewoo could come in.
And again Dongsoo gave her simply answer.

"Aigoo~ are you didn't worry bout her,soo?!" Hyoae started to panicked. Dongsoo turned to her in suprise.
"Anio.. i don't mean like that. I just won't we got any trouble with those damn teacher anymore. And don't worry, i knew she'll be alright." Said Dongsoo calming down her, patting her arm. She sighed.
"Okay~" As she turned back her attention to the board.

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I'm tired... even seems I'm tired for hopping...

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I just still thinking...

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TVXQ, I Love You
  Sad, and dont know what to say its my words now. I dont know, really, what should I do or even say. I just got shocked from their news.
I just want them together again. I hate this FGS so much hate this! I want my oppa back again. As 5! Why god? You made this things happened?
I'm so sad.. Oppa.... ;__; 

I.. no.. we.. as Cassies, as Bigeast and i-Cassie want to see them smile again. And stand in the stage again together.

And this things happened.... What should I do now? Just hopes... and support them rite? Stand by them and keep the faith for the best hopes, and the best future. To us and to them.

If only this not happen......

Can we turn the time back again?

No. we can..


and now.. yeah thats what we can do.
its their choose, nd we should support them no matter what.
It just suspend rite?
And after this.... The live, no their live will be good again as the olds time. but better thn before.
Now, yeah.. we just can do this.
Oppa, please... We love you, I love you..
We want to see you again, as family, as our fandom ...
and as our TVXQ. 



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