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[Fanfic] Tea for Two (Final Chapter)

A/N: Hellooo guyss~ I'm sorry for my procrastination, actually I have finished this last chapter but I forgot to publish it, forgive me T^T I hope you love this story, and I will gonna finish the other one and perhaps make a new one. hehe well enjoy reading and thank you ^^! Warned: un-beta-ed!
*ring riiing~* 
"Wait.. my phone my phone~.. oh..OH?! They're here already~! C'mon guys~ go go to our position and dont make any noise okay~? Omo omo.."
"Hey hey~ we know.." A voice of chuckle could be heard.
"Oh.. I'm excited~"
"Who's the one who is going to celebrate birthday actually~ -.-" 
"Jae~! >< *pinchs*"
"Hey you guys stop fighting~ okay guys, ready~?"
"Here we are...."
End Flashback.
Mesmerized, jaw dropped, and couldnt believe the sight in front of her eyes : around 9 people stood there sang and clapped for her. Hyoae frozen in her place as her hands covered her mouth in surprised still couldnt believe it as a tears came from her eyes in happiness.
"Saengil Chukkae Song Hyoae~ Saengil Chukkae Hyoae~, Saengil Chukkamnida~"
She could saw the people she's know there. She could saw her bestfriends, Raewoo and Jonghyun there, and beside them the boy she adored a lot was smirked and sang too with the rest and behind her lover, she saw the lost guy, Jaejoong who grinned in victory, they were also Changmin, Junsu, Minho, Nichkhun, Kibum on the back. 
Hyoae turned and saw Dongsoo and that waitress joined the others sang and clapped too. Hyoae couldnt stop smiling and as the song almost ended, they ended it with clapped and the sound of trumpet could be heard behind them.
Couldn't wait after the song finished, Hyoae jumped immediately and ran, hug both Raewoo and Yunho at once.
"Owh owh~" She could heard Raewoo chuckled and Yunho giggled. The rest were too chuckled saw they hugging, Hyoae pulled from the hug and pouted her lips as she wiped her eyes.
"Happy Birthday deaar~ Oh why you pouting like that hm?" Raewoo asked tease her dongsaeng.
"Why you guys didnt tell me anything bout this~?"
"Of course duh, it's surprised~!" Jaejoong answered popped from behind.
"Yah! I dont need your answer~." She said side-eyeing Jae, hands both on her waist. "You just made us worried, right Soo?" 
"Mwo? I didnt say that I'm worrying him~ you're the one who panic~" She grinned her-evily grin, famous Dongsoo who love being evil and the others couldnt stop laughing.
"..What?? Yah yah~ dont tell me.... eh, dont tell me it's all your work, guys? The clue, the box and the mug? It's all your guys idea?"
"Actually, it's your unnie's work.." Changmin explained from behind patted Raewoo's head while she grinned and before Hyoae, who the eyes were both widened, could finished her words Dongsoo pushed her body from behind.
"Okay okay~ you're forgot your birthday cake, Hyoae~ Let's make wishes.." Hyoae blinked and pout even more but didnt reject the pull. They gathered in front of the table and Hyoae closed her eyes as made a wishes, and blew the candle in one swipe with claps from the other. Hyoae smiled happily and cutting the cake, gave the first piece of cake to her beloved, and got a sweet kiss on the lips which made the young girl went pink in her cheeks then gave another one to Raewoo and the rest.
"Uhh~" Raewoo hug her tightly as they ate the cake. "Glad to see you happy~ how's my clues? Wasnt they great?" she chuckled.
"Great my ass! It's damn difficult and I'll never forgive you about that." Hyoae pouted warned the girl.
"Okay~ I'll give you another one. Nyahahahahah~!"
"Hey hey Hyoae~ Just ignore your ugly unnie~ Guess what I have for you~" said Yunho holding her shoulder and the girl stucked out to her unnie before she turned and nodded eagerly.
"Uhh uhh! What is that?" She said in excitement. Yunho chuckled and he went back holding a box and gave it to Hyoae as openned it cheerfully, revealed a cute necklace with her name on it.
"Oh my.... it's so pretty~! Kumawoo, Oppa~" and before Yunho could realize, Hyoae put a long kiss on his lips and immediately he replied it.
"Oh oh my eyes~" teased Raewoo pretend closed her eyes with her hand.
"Yahh~!" and again, pouting and pinching her unnie while Raewoo laughing so hard.
Out of suddenly Kibum said that made all of them turned to him in once.
"Ah ah~ I guess.... we have something missing here." said him who stood beside Raewoo like wondering, tapping his chin 'cutely'. All of them looked at Kibum in hesitated, wondering what just missing and then Changmin said.
"Ohh~ we have another surprised here.. watch your eyes, everybody~"
Blinked, Raewoo and Hyoae turned to them as all of them did same and looked at the way Changmin walked slowly to Minho and Jinki who were standing next each other, smiled and they were walked aside a bit and revealed something...or just called it someone who stood behind there holding a bouquet of flower in front of it face and revealed with a so sexy-charming-killing smile that almost make the other fainted (A/N: okay, stop it , Su.. -.-).
"Hello, Wooby~" greet the man and immediately Raewoo yelled and jumped in like-there's-no-tomorrow and ran to the man hugged him tightly. "CHUNNIE!" 
"Oh ohh.." chuckled Yoochun, who just back from America and dissapeared for 2 weeks for his family business, and hugged the girl back with one hand and once they pulled off they're shared a french kiss a bit long and made the girl turned in pink.
"Wooh~ Yoochun hyuung~! I forgot that you're at America. Muahahaha~!" commented Hyoae laughing happily seeing her hyung already back on her birthday.
"Yahh! How could you?" Yoochun looked at Hyoae and pouted there Raewoo giggling.  "I will not give the present, then~"
"..Yah! Huee Yunnie~ Yoochun hyung doesnt want to give the present to me~ Huee mianhae hyung ah~" whined the girl to her boyfriend.
"Huh~ oh by the way, this is your flower, love~" Said Yoochun ignored his dongsaeng and gave his girlfriend a flower.
"Wihh.. kumawo oppa~" She took it and smiled happily. "But, how could you didnt tell me that you'd back today?~ Ah..! I mad at you!" but soon turned to pout.
"Yahh.. jagiya.. it surprised~ you know it right?" winked Yoochun and made the girl giggling again. 
"Then, how about my present?" asked Hyoae blinked cutely.
"Ahh! I forgot it, I lost it in America~ lol no no i'm kidding here's your present, from both your unnie and this handsome man." said Yoochun immediately looking at the shocked on Hyoae face and took the box from him happily.
"Handsome my ass." Changmin snorted and earn giggle from them and glared from Yoochun.
"Shut it, Min."
"WOW! an iPod! Thank you unnie, hyung! You're the best!!!" jumped Hyoae and hugged both of them in one hug.
"How about me?" pouted Yunho cutely. 
"Hihi you're still the best, Yunnie." giggled Hyoae pecked his cheek and continue openning all the gift from the others. The girl cheered happily in her birthday and got sweet party, cake and lots present. Cuddling in her lover and as all of them enjoyed their precious time with their companion, in a cafe where they could pour their sweet time in to another and sang birthday song once again.
" 'Because every memory that we share to each other, is the bless that had God given.' "
"The light wavers in the wind, the table serving tea for two. I'm lying on the sofa, gazing at you...
 Important, so important. You're my most important person in the world. More than anything and everything.
 Our encounter is such a bless. Just the two of us together like that.
 Nah... sweet like flower. Day, come please touch me tender. Yes.. you're my flower."
            Tea for Two - Tohoshinki

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Awww that was sweet :3 it was for Ninda, eh? Lucky girl she got the nicest present <3 there're few grammar mistakes and typo but it's okay dearie. I never knew you wrote such sweet fanfic like this *hugsyou* the fic is nice! How you guys teamed up. And the clue were interesting :D and Yoochun's appearance! I thought he'll be your bf! XD but anw, it's really niceee! and I'm glad for the ending :D do write more bb! Fighting! ♥

kyaaa~ you read this fanfic lol I'm so happy yet /shy/ >\\<
yes this is a present for her :3 and lol yes grammar mistakes I still have to learn more ;w; /n00b/
glad you like this fanfic :'D my first-fanfic-that-I-posted and yes it's me-yoochun and ninda-yunho fic lol we ship ourself with oppar X//D thank you for read!~ *hugs you* I'll write more for sho! ❤

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